Equipment used in the golf and turf industry.

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  • Turf Pride Core Collector

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  • Greens Grader

    Although there are many grader boxes on the market today, nothing is as versatile as the GreensGrader. Projects that required multiple pieces of equipment to complete, can now be accomplished with just one.

    The GreensGrader is a soil manipulating tool equipped to handle multiple specific operations - Scarifying or loosening the soil, leveling and contouring, raking out debris, breaking up clots, and edging along sidewalks, cart paths, etc.  The GreensGrader accomplishes these 5 operations in one piece of equipment, independently or in unison.

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  • Simplex 5000 Rotary Blade Mill / Sharpener

    Fastest. Instead of grinding the rotary blade like other aftermarket sharpeners, the Simplex 5000 is a milling machine and duplicates the original manufacturing process. We sharpen the blade the same way the manufactures do. Now you can remove up to .050 inches per pass instead of just .001-.002 when grinding. This means in most cases, you can sharpen your rotary blades in a single pass.

    Most precise. The custom mounting fixture is fully adjustable for any straight edge rotary blade. It precisely locates the blade so the same amount of material is removed from both ends, virtually eliminating the need to balance the blades when you are done.

    Innovative. Using a milling process instead of grinding results in shelf to shelf times of 2 to 3 minutes per blade. The pneumatically balanced milling head lets the head feed smoothly and easily. The optional Vortec Air Cooling Systems keeps the blade cooler without creating a mess. Finally, the Power Feed option lets you sharpen blades in a production mode.

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  • Trion Mobile Lift Table

    The Trion DL1300 mobile lift table is a great battery operated lift best utilized for moving reels around the shop, lifting them off the floor or lowering them down from machines on a lift. Save your back and be more efficient with this mobile lift table built specifically for cutting units in the golf industry.

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  • Trion Turf Equipment Lift

    The First Turf Equipment Lift Engineered and Designed for Turf Equipment.

    Pro-M 9200 Basic System

    Ubi-Beam Construction
    Keeps all hydraulic and electrical components well above the floor and far from potential spark hazards associated with flammable spills and fumes. Each is also pre-wired, pre-plumbed, and pre-tested before shipment for easy customer assembly.

    Power Saver Hydraulics
    Allows "plug and play" operation at 115 volts with a typical 20 amp circuit. (easy wiring instructions for optional 230 volt operation are included)

    Tilt & Glide Wheel Forks
    Operate smoothly and easily with a self-locking design that doesn't add extra steps to the loading/unloading process.

    Single Point Controls
    Simplifies the lift operation.

    Instructions Right on the Lift
    Including safety instructions and our toll free customer service number, make it easy to contact Trion experts, both during and after the warranty period.

    Weight Distributing Base Beams
    Make Trion Lifts self-supporting so they can be installed on any surface. They also provide worry-free loading for overhung and unbalanced vehicles while rarely ever having to reposition the wheel tray.

    Accu-load System Decals
    Take the guesswork out of mower positioning.

    Warranty - 5 Year parts

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  • 16" Hover Mower by Eastern Industries

    This mower is equipped with a new commercial grade Honda engine designed for slope operation. It delivers heavy duty performance in a light package. It is CARB and EPA certified. 

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  • 19" Hover Mower by Eastern Industries

    With a powerful Honda 4-cycle engine matched to the largest impeller in the business, this mower is built to hover light and deliver big performance. It hovers with ease on lake banks and slopes. It cuts and mulches tall, wet grass for a clean professional look. The new 4-cycle engine is light and specially designed for continuous incline operation. It runs quiet and clean. It is CARB and EPA certified. 

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    • $999.00