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  • Waterproof Monitor and (3) Camera System

    Ever wanted to be able to see all 3 sprayer booms from the seat of your sprayer in the dark? Want to catch when a nozzle is clogged? Maybe you want to see when the sand is out of the top dresser or monitor your fertilizer spreaders throw and when it needs to be filled. This system will allow you to do that. Just find a place to mount the cameras and monitor and run the cables. Hook it up to 12v and you are done!

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    • $399.99
  • Waterproof Monitor and Single Camera System

    Looking to monitor your topdressing or fertilizer applications real time vs waiting until you run out to know you need more? Maybe you want to see the aerification results from the operators seat in real time? Look no further, as we have put together a single camera application that can monitor day or night, rain or shine. This system comes with a waterproof monitor, battery clips to clip on to a battery post, 2 magnets to clip your monitor and/or camera onto a metal surface for easy removal from one application to another.

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    • $249.99