RHOC - Reel Height of Cut Gauge * Back Ordered

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****RHOC is currently  Back Ordered for 3 weeks***

The RHOC (Reel Height of Cut Gauge) is the new standard in setting height of cut in the golf and turf industry. The common complaint of height of cut gauges is that they flex and no 2 are a like. The RHOC was designed to combat this problem. You can now use multiple people and multiple gauges to set height of cut on machines. Once you purchase one you will never go back to the old one.

Heavy Duty case is included with gauge.

  • $360.00
    • Weight
      8 lbs
    • SKU
  • Size
    12", 18"
  • Type
    Standard - USA, European
  • Catch Type
    Flat Blade Catch, Tapered Blade Catch
  • Gauge Type
    Standard Dial, Digital, Starrett Dial (Premium)
Customer reviews
Average rating:
4.50 (Votes: 8)
Rating of votes (8)
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  • Sam Baldea
    Jan 7, 2017, 18:27
    Not happy at all, it reads .015 off of what our old gauges do on a walk mower, then .05 off on a fairway mower. It seems to change from a natural level read to a read when tilting a walker back. I zeroed it out ever time and it is still reading the same as stated above. This must be a defective gauge cause I am not seeing what others have stated about.
  • Patrick Drinkard
    Jan 7, 2017, 18:26
    The old dial guage that the shop had and I was using had a slight twist < .007 causing heights to be off, the RHOC has cleared all of that up, and I am very satisfied knowing my HOC will be precise for greens through fairway cutting units.
  • Stuart George
    Jan 7, 2017, 18:26
    Great tool to have in the shop! Reads perfectly every time, and is very well built! Which gives me peace of mind knowing no matter who sets the mowers up that they all read the same. Every course should have one of these in their shop!
  • Aaron Hoyle
    Jan 7, 2017, 18:25
    Great height gauge. Takes half the time to set heights as any other gauge I have used and as we all know time is a valuable thing in this business. No more side to side till your arms and hands feel like jello. The only thing I miss using this gauge is the magnet I had on my old gauge but it is not really needed when 75% of the time the height is dead on from the last time it was set.
  • Christopher Kramer
    Jan 7, 2017, 18:23
    once again great product. its a big stress reliever knowing that it doesn’t matter what tech in my shop sets the mowers it going to be spot on. money well spent.
    I purchased 2 gauges and I was amazed on the consistency from one to the other.

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